#Chainlink Poetry

Over the holiday weekend, Sacramento’s Zero Forbidden Goals guerrilla art crew unveiled their latest public art project, a uniquely interactive literary exhibit entitled “Chainlink Poetry.” Modeled after magnetic poetry, ZFG’s latest rendition is comprised of hand-decorated words suspended using donated coat hangers on an understated chain link fence on 16th street.

Words like Dream, Beauty, Vision, and Peace now decorate the heavily traveled corridor through the city welcoming residents and passers-by to create their own poems on the fence of the vacant lot.

“We really believe in the power of words,” says ZFG founder Andru Defeye, “We wanted to give the youth of all ages something to play with that would manifest the kind of positivity that not just Sacramento, but the whole world needs right now.”

The exhibit is located on the corner of 16th and V streets in midtown Sacramento.