Sacramento’s original pop-up performance art event

#TheMostOpenMicInTheCity is headquartered at Sol Collective most Sunday nights at 8:08 but known for its unpredictable street corner appearances all over the West Coast. Be sure to join our Facebook group or email list for upcoming tour dates.

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Guerrilla Art Flash Mobs 

From barber shops and restaurants to neighborhood parks, #TheMostOpenMicInTheCity gained notoriety for taking over local community spaces alongside some of the most powerful spoken word artists and musicians in Sacramento. It’s an open mic only without a microphone, a sign-up list, set times, or an audience who knows that they’ve come to the show, much less that they are going to be a part of it.

Sol Collective Sundays

The only audience-centric interactive open mic of its kind, Sunday nights at Sol Collective offer artists a chance to hone their craft with the help of live feedback from the crowd. All skill levels, ages, and genres are welcome and encouraged. Hosted by Andru Defeye and Spacewalker with appearances by the entire cast of Zero Forbidden Goals. Lip Synch contests, Compliment battles, sporadic unicorn dance parties. You never know what’s going to happen. 

8:08 Sundays // $5 suggested donation // 2574 21st Street

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